2022 Park and Event Sponsors

After the 4th Fireworks Sponsors

The Village of Fonda Park, in partnership with the Fonda Speedway, sponsors this year’s massive fireworks display. 

Come out, enjoy great music, food, and family entertainment, and watch the fireworks!

After the 4th Sponsor

Thank you to Keymark Corporation and Kas-Kel for your generous sponsorship of our food and beverages!

After the 4th Supporter

Thank you Stewart’s Shops for your Ice Cream and Sundae Donation!

Park Improvement Sponsor

Thank you to Alpin Haus for your considerable donation to our Waterfront and Recreation Improvements!

We will utilize your donation to improve our natural resources and community facilities.

After the 4th Supporter

Thanks to Dave and his team at Bosco’s Bar and Restaurant for their gift certificate sponsorship giveaway!


Thank you to the Fulton County Area News for their continued support of the Fonda Recreational & Waterfront Park and their coverage of our events!

After the 4th Supporter

We want to thank the Paraskeva family for their continued support of our event. They have been a great supporter since our first annual celebration!

Park Supporter

Thank you to Prime Signs (a family-owned business in our Village) for their continuing support of our park. They have always been there to assist us with a variety of needs.

His meticulous work on our sign graphics is second to none! 

Park Supporters

We thank Director Rick Sager, Sheriff Smith, and their teams for their continued support.

Always and without hesitation, these leaders assist us with logistical assistance, safety, and advice, always keeping us up-to-date with weather reports (Rick has a high rating in delivering us great weather!).

They are the folks there for us during calm and a crisis, and we can’t overstate how much we appreciate them!

Park Suporter

Thank you to the Montgomery County Agricultural Society Board and the Fonda Fair for their continued support.

Always a great neighbor to our event, they step up and assist whenever asked and wherever they can in making our event a success!

Thank you to our friends at Ace Hardware in Johnstown for providing some of the supplies needed to make our event a success!

A great place to shop and where they know and welcome you.

Thank you to The Ridge for setting up our race car drivers and vehicles for the meet and greet!

These folks have helped us for a couple of years with cars and drivers – widely popular with our kids and race car fans (big kids too!) Your help is very much appreciated!